1.) Navigate to the folder on your computer where your images are stored.
2.) Please kindly resize them if they are 25megabytes each! It will speed up their loading process.
3.) Select the images with your mouse and DRAG them onto the target area of this webpage and unclick your mouse. They will 'DROP' onto the target and upload automatically.
4.) You can see the images that have successfully uploaded to our server in the RIGHT window on this webpage.
5.) If you need to adjust any images, or DELETE them, use the buttons provided on the RIGHT window.
6.) We do not support .heic image formats. If your image is not uploaded, you will see notification in the LEFT window.


1.) Click the 'Browse' button below. Select ONE or MULTIPLE files to upload by Browsing your computer files in the window provided. It is helpful to include a picture of your ATF forms as well.

TIP: SHIFT + Click: Select multiple files with your mouse by clicking on the first file in your list, hold down the SHIFT button, and then click on the last file in your list.  All files in between will be selected.

TIP: CNTL + Click:  To select only specific files in a list, hold the CNTL down while clicking the mouse on each file you wish to select.

2.) Click on the 'Upload' button once your files are selected to complete your upload.